Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Blue Devil Bellairs Fan

The News and Observer had a recent interview with Duke Blue Devil Forward Nick Horvath where he talked about his double major (English and Physics), his love of writing and favorite authors.

N&O: Who's your favorite author?

HORVATH: I don't know. There's kind of a running joke. I get a new favorite author, like, once a week. But Cormac McCarthy is one of my newer ones. I just started learning a little bit about him. He's pretty eccentric. He lives in, like, a little hut. He's a big millionaire, but he doesn't like material things. His books are pretty cool. They're all about survival of the fittest. They're about being tough and that whole theme back in the days when men killed each other for looking at each other the wrong way.

N&O: What did you start reading when you were young?

HORVATH: My dad used to read stories to me growing up, always like scary, violent ones. I started out being into this guy named John Bellairs. They were children's stories, but they were like horror children's stories. Then, in fourth grade, I read my first Stephen King book. I read "The Stand."

N&O: And writing?

HORVATH: The reason I started writing stories was because I never liked the endings, like the good guy always wins or it was always happy in the end. I wanted to write stories so I could have it end any way I wanted. Early on, my stories were pretty crude. Like there were stories I read that would have a monster and the monster ended up being fake or it was a guy with a mask. But in mine, the monster was always real, and maybe the good guy would get into a big battle and the monster might even win. I was way into monsters.

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