Friday, December 16, 2005

Sad Girl In The Snow

Traipsing through the trenches and we came across this odd but entertaining crossover of Narnia and the Southern Kingdom by a user named necreavit.

The road in the forest led on for what must have been several miles, and Susan came to regret the stylish high heels more than anything else. But, she thought, at this point it would be silly to turn back; she had known since she was a girl that trying to go back rarely did any good; and anyway, this road must lead somewhere *eventually*.

Eventually, it did. It came to a low, overgrown stone fence; and in the fence there was a gate, with gate-posts and a low set of stone stairs leading up. A sign was propped up on one gate-post, neatly lettered with the words:

Lawnmowers and Axes Sharpened
Hammer Handles Made
Used Nails and Back Doors For Sale

In certain circumstances, that would be a great variety of useful things, but unfortunately, Susan had no need just then of lawnmowers, axes, hammer handles, used nails or back doors. She went up all the same; perhaps M. Millhorn would at least offer her hot tea, and if she asked politely, some dry socks to wear over her poor nylons.

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