Thursday, December 7, 2006

Magician Disillusioned

Some Bellairsian inspired ephemera found around web:

Magician Disillusioned

If there's one thing we learned from The Specter of the Magician's Museum it's that the men and women who practiced stage magic came up with some interesting stage names.

Much of Specter has its roots in the American Museum of Magic in Marshall as well as Colon, the magic capital of Michigan. There are more names buried out in Colon's Lakeside Cemetery, too. The Magnificent Fraud. The Amazing Conklins. The Conjuring Humorist. America's Greatest Pickpocket. You get the idea.

Ion Zwitter shares the story of one such magician, The Great Lumache:
For decades, his name was a household word, like Kleenex or Chapstick. Millions of people around the world had watched mystified as he defied physical laws and ordinances, performing remarkable magic tricks that were of equal delight to children, adults, and precocious horses. Today, in one of the great tragedies of modern necromancy, The Great Lumache is a broken man—lost, hopeless—bereft of illusions.

"Why," I ask at last, grabbing a sudden lifeline of inspiration, "have you retired from the public eye? Why have you let down your millions of adoring fans?"

The Great Lumache smiles as though he had anticipated the question.

Cram These Words....

Here’s an interesting collage poem we found, written by user Four_Thorns. As noted, all words are taken from The House With A Clock In Its Walls, though not necessarily in John's original - or intended - order:
Or was it glue? He couldn’t remember.
Out in the front hall the mirror
on the coat rack was talking to itself
little bursts of static.
Now it's your turn.

Most Heavenly Music!

Fumbling through the trenches we found a rather odd story from our friends at the Online Museum of Hoaxes: a musical about the Cardiff Giant:
It's an unlikely recipe for a musical: an odd 19th-century hoax set to the music of Iowa composer Karl King. But a group of creative minds in Fort Dodge, led by Deann Haden-Luke, managed to pull it together with a financial boost from the Iowa Arts Council. "Cardiff," presented by Comedia Musica Players, premieres tonight in Fort Dodge and plays through Sunday.

If you're not familiar with stone colossus we invite you to read a bit about it...and the replica...and the fact a group of people in Iowa came together to sing about it. Hey, they did something sort of like this in Oregon and Missouri. We wondered if any of John's work would transfer into a musical and we kinda think "Fidgeta!" would be an interesting Catholic-spoof about the saint and her friends. Maybe.

Edward Gorey Documentary

Filmmaker Christopher Seufert of Mooncusser Films is at work on documenting his time with illustrator Edward Gorey.

Grasshopper Ramblings's Postcard

An item from Grasshopper Ramblings and the people he/she/it looked up to as a child. It’s a John Bellairs testimonial and it notes John sent the then 10-year-old blogger a postcard. Wow…believe you me when I say we’ve known some people in our online group over the years that would give teeth – preferably someone else’s – for their own Bellairsian postcard.

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