Thursday, September 20, 2007

Of Every Nation a Residence

The Autumn 2007 edition of the Chicago International House newsletter has a brief feature about John Bellairs in their Travel in Time: Stories from the International House Archives series. There isn’t a lot of new information covered here (though the I-House is celebrating its 75th anniversary) but it’s nice to see their inclusion of John:
21-year-old John Bellairs arrived at International House in the fall of 1959. He earned his Master’s degree in English from the University of Chicago in 1960 before embarking on a career of teaching and writing. By 1966, Bellairs’ first book, St. Fidgeta and Other Parodies was released followed in 1968 by The Pedant and the Shuffly.
The intent of the International House was spelled out in its name: to provide cross-cultural encounters between Americans and international students. As the newsletter points out, John moved here following his graduation from Notre Dame and lived here off-and-on during his time in the Windy City in the 1960s.

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