Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Around the Office

First, a bit of a Christmas story as performed by the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, December 22 and 23, 2007.  It's The Legend of the Poinsettia written by Brad Strickland.

Next, a reader last month began compiling a list of “American wizards of the fantasy type" – so far they have the Wizard of Oz along with Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmermann.  He (or she) seems off to a good start,

Finally we were starting in on some early spring cleaning here at Bellairsia HQ when I ran across my day-by-day Trivial Pursuit calendar and the fistful of sheets that I never tore off this year. I added them to my stack for scrap paper but thought, for grins, I’d at least look at a few and see if I missed anything good. Besides discovering the seven fruits that make up Hawaiian Punch and the most-used regnal names in the British monarchy, there was this:
Question: What best-selling children’s author considers himself “a literary training bra for Stephen King?”
Answer: R. L. Stine
Happy New Year.

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