Monday, July 7, 2008

Of Bobbleheads and Bears

Some news out of New Hampshire tonight.

The first item is the 80th Anniversary of Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln. This longtime White Mountain destination is best known for its trained bear show. Since 1949, black bears have been performing tricks for captivated audiences of both children and adults.

Second – and to call this “news” is a stretch – is that the New Hampshire Historical Society has released a collectible bobble head figure of Hannah Duston. In 1697, Hannah and her newborn baby were taken as captives by Abenaki Indians during a raid on Haverhill, Massachusetts. The Abenaki killed the infant by smashing it against a tree and forced the recuperating mother to march through the wilderness. On March 30, at an island in Penacook, New Hampshire, she killed and scalped her captors. Two monuments were erected to Hannah Duston’s memory, one in Haverhill, Massachusetts and the other at the site of her escape on Penacook Island. To complete the ensemble the bobble head figure carries a hatchet in her right hand.

Both Duston and the trained bears make cameo appearances in Bellairs’ The Curse of the Blue Figurine: Hagtooth Harry's Bear Ranch [147] is the name of the tourist stop in the White Mountains north of Duston Heights, Massachusetts, the home of Johnny Dixon and Professor Childermass.

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