Hath Alter'd That Good Picture?

Occasionally there are comments about great books of children’s literature being made into the latest Hollywood craze (or perhaps even some sort of cult-appreciated visual piece). Collected here are some thoughts on the adapting of The House with a Clock in its Walls (1973) into something for the big screen. It’s something that’s been discussed for ages – even as far back when the CompleatBellairs was new – and while it would be a great way for the book to get exposure, we tend to agree with those that say it needs to be done right.  We all saw Once Upon a Midnight Dreary.

The Between Failures blog has heard rumors of an upcoming movie adaptation of House and shares some concerns about converting Bellairs’ prose into a feature film:
That book was written at a time when children were allowed to experience fear. What would a modern film company do to such a book? More horrifying things than anything the writer conjured up I’m sure.
But then the Media Macaroni blog would like to see House as done by the Coen Brothers. You know - for kids.  Stargazingfool’s commentary on such a thing is the complete other side of the coin. They say don’t:
I just know that I can't be the only person who doesn't like it when my favorite books are turned into movies. I love reading, and I do have some favorite movies, but it just seems like it takes all of the imagination out of my favorite books to see them as movies.


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