Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dan Poblocki: The Stone Child

The Stone Child is the first book of author Dan Poblocki, who confesses to being a fan of Mr. Bellairs:

I loved the John Bellairs mysteries when I was a kid. I read them over and over. My aim for The Stone Child was to create a story that someone would want to revisit, not only as a child, but as an adult. I'll still pick up a John Bellairs book every now and again. They're spooky, but the characters are so endearing, I love spending time with them.
You can visit Dan’s website or read a review of his first book, The Stone Child:

Dan Poblocki has written an engaging and rather straight forward mystery YA novel. The actual plot is not so complex and most readers will be able to figure it out. However the author has written it in such a way that it holds the reader's attention throughout the novel till the end and then delivers a small surprise to cap the tale.

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Dan Poblocki said...

Wow, I've been reading this blog for some time... It's so great! I'm so psyched that you've mentioned my book! John Bellairs has been such an inspiration. Thanks so much...