Monday, October 10, 2011

The Greater Scorns The Lesser

We all tend to talk about why we like book x and we express why we feel character y is the best. But how easy is it for us to drill down and explain why it is we don’t like a certain book or why certain characters or situations rub us the wrong way? That’s the latest discussion in our forum, posted earlier today by Kwan Hon Luen, who provides some of his less-favored forays:

  • The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn: maybe because there is no magic or supernatural element in the story.
  • The Secret of the Underground Room: I actually like the story, but find the story short which should had been longer like the rest of the stories.
  • The Vengeance of the Witch-Finder: I find the story gloomy, which should be fine if there are more humor elements.
  • The Wrath of the Grinning Ghost: I find the story fantasy-oriented towards a world where it does not belong to the existing world. Bellairs' stories usually tell about things happening in the real world.
Now it’s your turn: which books do you think are the weaker contributions to the series?

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