Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where's There: Aboukir Bay

Jonathan casts an illusion spell of being on a warship that Lord Nelson has sent into this bay [The Beast under the Wizard's Bridge; 92].

The Abū Qīr Bay (sometimes transliterated Aboukir Bay) is a spacious bay on the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria, Egypt.

On August 1, 1798, Horatio Nelson fought the Battle of the Nile, often referred to as the Battle of Aboukir Bay. The battle was the climax of a naval campaign that had ranged across the Mediterranean during the previous three months, as a large French convoy sailed to Alexandria, carrying an expeditionary force under General Napoleon Bonaparte. The French were defeated by the British forces led by Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson. The Battle of the Nile remains one of the Royal Navy's most famous victories, and has remained prominent in the British popular imagination, sustained by its depiction in a large number of cartoons, paintings, poems and plays.

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