Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2013 Living History Portrayal Walk

For the thirteenth year in a row ... lucky number 13 ... Marshall, Michigan’s Oakridge Cemetery will conjure up the ghosts of so many years ago with the annual "If These Stones Could Talk..." tour. Visitors will learn about a handful of significant people from Marshall's past by actors portraying the deceased at their grave site. Small groups will be guided by hosts in a predetermined lantern-illuminated pattern through the cemetery and the once-prominent residents will rise up and share their stories.

This year’s event takes place Saturday, October 5 at 7pm come rain or shine. For more information, including ticket costs, please contact the Marshall Chamber of Commerce.

Walter says he got sidetracked and missed out on last year’s event; however he has boasted in recent weeks about his sure-fire way not to miss the action this time around. He’s enlisting the help of his caddy. Yes, Walter has been known to golf on occasion and feels his island caddy – some know-it-all named Leo the Listener – can both improve his game and keep him from overshooting Marshall. Last we saw the two they were planning their route, listening to some song about someone named McGee on the radio, and looking forward to this year’s walk. Eventually, of course, they will get around to doing something.

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