Even as far back in our infancy as The Dullard’s Bane, we were always curious about who the fans of John Bellairs and Brad Strickland were or how he and his books were being remembered. We’d take off into the trenches - finding web pages and reviews where John’s name was mentioned - and more often than come back with something to show for our research.

If we felt what we found merited an announcement, or at best some sort of public acknowledgement, we’d drop a note through our mailing list about the up-and-coming author or illustrator, musician, book collector, teacher, historian, film maker, web designer...the list goes on. As technology changed so did our ways of communicating – a website, a blog, a forum or two, twitter, and so on.
  • Commentaries: our own observations on the various facets of fandom.
  • Interviews: conversations and questions with fans.
  • Reviews: which books are your favorites and why.
  • Guest posts: this time it's your turn.
  • Itineraries: Bellairs-inspired travel reports.
  • Polls: vote on your favorite people, places, and things.
Contact us if you're interested in submitting content or contributing to one of our projects.

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