Monday, September 30, 2002

Will You Not Eat Your Words?

Eating books
By the Hopeful Hoplites of Hammurabi indeed!  I don’t recall the first book I wanted to eat but Alex Lencicki says his choice would have been one of John’s.
Do you remember the first book that you wanted to eat? The book that had you under the bed reading by flashlight? Mine was by John Bellairs, and there's a amazing site dedicated to his work here. If you ever happen upon any of his books with the Edward Gorey covers in a used-books shop or garage-sale bin, and you send it to brokentype, I'll dedicate a word to you in all my subsequent posts.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, maybe?  I'm reminded of the letter-eating scene from The Phantom Tollbooth, too.  Go figure.

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