Monday, October 22, 2012

Raising Such Sprites, Snakes & Soubresauts

Some Bellairs-inspired ephemera found around web:

10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead
...should have been written in big, bold, friendly letters on the first page of whatever book Lewis Barnavelt finds in his uncle's study back in 1948. "It Makes for Unnecessary Sequels" is an interesting tidbit, though.

Ballet Alert
Author Mark Dery is writing a biography of Edward Gorey (news) and is seeking stores about Gorey in relation to his interest in the New York City Ballet.

Presenting Snake Year Press
Author Quentin Dodd has this to say on his new publishing venture:
Snake Year Press is my new publishing venture.  I wanted to see what it’s like to be my own boss.  So far, it’s been a blast.  The first Snake Year book is Tommy Frasier and the Planet of the Slugs, a science-fiction comedy for elementary school readers.  Where did the name “Snake Year Press” come from?  It’s a tribute to one of my very favorite books, The Face in the Frost, by John Bellairs.

Things Teeming with Autumn
And in time for the season, here is "The Haunting", written by Brad Strickland (Oct. 2009):
‘Twas late, late in October,
With a sky low, gray, and sober,
And few crisp leaves upon the boughs up high;
When the wind howled low and lonely,
And the air felt chill, and only
Seven stars shone faintly in the sky.

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