Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Note On Hiatus

Dear Ms. Durfey,

Will be gone for indefinite period. Pay no attention to the mirror if it acts up, and in any case, you know where the harp case is. You can slip it over him when he's not looking. ... With luck, I should be back for the big Christmas party. Say hello to his Lordship the Mayor for me.

[The Face in the Frost]

And now a brief note about change. Some of you may have read along during our year-long celebration of the fortieth anniversary of The House with a Clock in its Walls. We hope it was an entertaining and enlightening study about one of John’s most fondly-remembered books.

It did however tend to wear us down a bit and so, as we move into the thirteenth year of Bellairsia, we have decided to take a break from blogging about Bellairs. It was not a decision taken lightly. Stats show we have over 150,000 page views by countless follows from over a dozen different countries – so there is an audience for this sort of thing.  We hope you have enjoyed reading our little project over the years.

While we are taking a break, the blog will continue. We have asked our full-time occasional contributor Broteus Mitchell to fill-in for us. Of course we may still chime in occasionally with news, interviews, or other matters.

Unexplained noises are best left unexplained. Long live John and Happy New Year, too.

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