Monday, April 19, 1999

Memoriam: Brian Moran

Brian J. Moran, a college classmate of John Bellairs and a fellow member of the Notre Dame College Quiz Bowl team, died April 14, 1999 in Ellicott City, Maryland. He was 61.

The former Director-in-Charge of the Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference and well-known author of the “Ruling the Game” column of The Bridge Bulletin had battled lung and brain cancer for the past 16 months.

Moran, a graduate of Notre Dame and a veteran of the Navy, began directing in 1965. He was promoted to National Director in 1987. Moran also served as president of the Virginia State Bridge Association from 1972 to 1977. He was a Silver Life Master with several regional victories.

Retired tournament director and longtime friend Jack Hudgins said, "Brian Moran was the smartest man I've ever known. He was captain of the Notre Dame College Bowl team. As brilliant as he was, he could have had a great career as a bridge player if he hadn't gone into directing fulltime. As a director, he had a gift for handling complicated ruling and appeal situations by being able to cut through distractions and getting to the heart of the problem."

Brian was the only tournament director to have directed every running of the Cavendish Invitational Pairs, one of the most prestigious events in bridge. He was the author of the IMP Pairs computer program used in that event, and of the knockout bracketing assignment program in use at many regionals.

Moran leaves his wife Carol, stepchildren Erin Butcher Engel and Patrick Butcher, and granddaughter Macie Leanne Butcher. Carol Moran said, "Brian loved his job and the people he worked with. People in the bridge community were our extended family."


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