Monday, March 25, 2002

Interview: Ann LaPietra

Ann LaPietra
Ann LaPietra is the owner of the Marshall, Michigan bookstore "the kids' place" and the woman behind the popular John Bellairs Walk, a tour of the sights and sounds of Marshall and how they inspired John’s New Zebedee. We asked Ann about the walk, the city, and John’s enduring popularity.

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Testimony: Second Shelf From The Bottom

by Kalev Hantsoo (Mar. 21, 2002)
(Originally published at the
"Good heavens!" he exclaimed. "You can read, and you like to read! Please excuse my amazement, but I have just come from visiting my sister's daughter, who lives up in New Hampshire. She has two children about your age, but they couldn't read their way through a box of cigarette papers. Which is scarcely odd, because their parents don't read anything except the phone book and the directions on spaghetti boxes. You like to read! Lord have mercy! Will wonders never cease...."
The Curse of the Blue Figurine