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About Brad Strickland

Brad Strickland
William Bradley Strickland is the accomplished author and actor of over 70 novels, short fiction pieces, radio dramas, and poems.
Born in New Hollard, Georgia, Strickland earned his Ph.D. in American literature from the University of Georgia. He taught English courses at the University of Georgia, Oglethorpe University, Truett-McConnell College, and, beginning in 1987, at Gainesville State College.

His first novel was 1986's To Stand Beneath the Sun, followed by the books in the Jeremy Moon trilogy.

Strickland has shared co-author credit on many of his books: with his wife, Barbara, on stories in the Star Trek and Are You Afraid of the Dark? properties; and with the late author Thomas Fuller, books in the Wishbone series, involving the popular Jack Russell Terrier from the Public Television series of the same name. Strickland and Fuller also collaborated on numerous original works, including the Pirate Hunter series, the Mars: Year One series, and the comedic mystery for adults, The Ghost Finds a Body.

After the death of John Bellairs, completed four books from either unfinished manuscripts or brief plot outlines between 1993 and 1995. Between 1996 and 2008, he wrote three further novels starring Johnny Dixon and six more with Lewis Barnavelt.

In 2001, Strickland won received the Georgia Author of the Year Award, Children's/Young Adult Division, for When Mack Came Back, set in WWII-era Georgia. Strickland says the story "is based on the farm owned by [his] grandfather, where [I] often visited when [I] was a child." Kong: King of Skull Island was released in 2005, an illustrated tale by Strickland, author John Michlig, and fantasy artist Joe DeVito serving as both a prequel and sequel to the epic story of the legendary ape.

Strickland is an active member of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, where he writes and performs in numerous audio drama projects. He was awarded the ARTC Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006. He is married and has two grown children.