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Monday, December 15, 2008

Book Alert: Magic Mirrors

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There is news this holiday season of what appears to be a new John Bellairs anthology on the horizon. This one is a collection of his non-YA books entitled (appropriately enough) Magic Mirrors. The anthology looks to include:

For the record, we interviewed Bruch Coville back in 2002 following the publishing of the 20th anniversary expanded edition of The Monster’s Ring and he had some kinds words for both The Face in the Frost and John.

To learn more, visit the New England Science Fiction Association site. The book is due to be published in early 2009.


Jon said...

I didn't even know that the sequel still existed! I've got the other 3, but that alone makes it a must-have for me!

Gerald said...

What a shock! I always thought the sequel attempt was lost. Perhaps it was found among Lin Carter's papers?

What a wonderful belated Christmas present! On another part of the website, they state the date of publication as February 2009.

Anonymous said...


Just, wow.

EllenKushner said...

It was found among *my* papers, actually - and I've just written a 2,000 word introduction/memoir of my friendship (and editorial work) with John - I was the young editor who put THE FACE IN THE FROST into paperback at Ace.

Thank you for this wonderful website, which was very useful when I was factchecking my essay!

Ellen Kushner