Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Trenches, Shards and Blogs

A short way down the street stood the professor’s gray stucco house. The professor stood in the driveway burning notebooks and papers. A heap of them was smoldering near his feet and sending up clouds of thick, whitish smoke. The professor reached into the cardboard box he was holding and pitched another fistful of white and blue sheets into the flames.
The professor grimaced and shook a bunch of papers in Fergie’s face. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m cleaning out the back room of my study, something that has needed doing for ages." [The Eyes of the Killer Robot, 39-40].
Like Professor Childermass I too have been set forth to clean up the office and have chosen to do so in a form that Childermass would probably not understand. I do not understand it either. The boss’s Greeley-like comment of “Go Blog, young man” to a lackluster, un-Grinnell-like recipient was thought-provoking if only for the reason that 1) I hadn’t a clue what a blog was and 2) I’m older than the boss.

But here we are. In our research of John Bellairs we have always come across odds and ends of varying importance and severity that we felt others might find interesting to some degree. We had been posting our slightly tongue-in-cheek comments on our site directly but we’ll continue to do that here from now on: comment on our research; discuss any recent finds, however random; or serve as a call to arms for any other armchair researchers. Maybe even chocolate cake recipes, I don’t know.

Obviously everything prior to this post is us moving the archives to the new format. At least it frees up pages on the site.

Hooray for us, every one.
Walter & Co.