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Bellairsia is an independent online presence celebrating the life and works of award-winning, best-selling author John Bellairs - celebrating John's 50th year in print (and our 15th year online) in 2016!

About Us

For over 15 years we've promoted John Bellairs's life and works, encouraged the enjoyment of his novels as well as those completed and continued by Brad Strickland, and provided useful information to readers, scholars, and fans.  Bellairsia features information on the self-proclaimed "famous author" including the books of the Bellairs Corpus, inspirations from John's hometown of Marshall, Michigan, and why he was quoting Chaucer on national television.  No, really, he was.  In accurate Middle English, no less.


The Bellairsia blog (RSS feed) is updated periodically with news and commentary about John Bellairs and his enduring legacy.  Features include:
  • Observations on various facets of fandom
  • Conversations and questions with fans
  • Trivia about the historic and literary allusions in the books
  • Delving into the various editions of the books, both American and international editions 
  • Remembrances of those reading at the library eternal
  • Polls allowing fans to cast votes on favorite people, places, and things
  • Our electronic time capsule celebrating anniversaries of major (and some minor) events
  • Guest authors contributing occasional essays and commentary
  • Travel reports from Bellairs-inspired holidays (yeah, that's a thing)
  • Rumors of full-length, feature film adaptations (though each tantalizing bit of news tends to die out)
  • Oh, yeah - and archivist Broteus Mitchell's occasional dipping into the Bellairsia question box
Our Bellairsia Review blog (RSS feed) highlights reviews of the books in the Bellairs Corpus.

Our Stricklandia blog (RSS feed) includes non-Bellairs related news and book reviews about Brad Strickland.  It's true: we suffer from some condition that involves adding the "ia" suffix to people's last names.

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    • The Bellairsia Forum is an online community for fans.  Registration is free and open to all. Inside, members can contribute to groups such as The Books, the Covers, and the Collectors, to discuss the finer art of collecting the various editions of John's books; The Armchair Scholar; and Wanderlust. Members can also share events, photos, and videos, and the forum offers integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  (Powered by Ning)
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Bellairsia first went online on February 20, 2001, as The Dullard's Bane as a complement to the (now former) CompleatBellairs site.  Our ambitious aim at the time was to be the “scourge of idleness and sloth” by investigating the myriad of historical and literary trivia and allusions found throughout John’s writings.  Sections of the site included “armchair scholarly” pages on pre-conquest Constantinople; a roster of various baseball players; a book-by-book timeline of the Johnny Dixon series; ZimmsNotes, a Cliffs-inspired series that would serve as guides to readers - had they ever been completed; the Bellairs Index, an ambitious A-to-Z listing of every person, place, and thing from every book; and the Office of Enigmas, where we shared our frustrations at trying to understand some of John’s more creative creations.

By June of that year the shift was to investigating John himself.  It had been a decade since his death and we felt someone needed to begin interviewing those that knew him before they, too, were gone.  We also felt that since no one else (that we knew of) had bothered to start such a project that we were as good as anyone to become biographers. Armchair biographers, of course.

By the end of the year it was decided to blend the various projects together and for that we wanted a new name. The name we came up with was meant to be temporary and we felt could come up with something better sounding later. At that moment it was just a minor fan site. Over a decade and a half later we're still calling ourselves Bellairsia. We think it fits (and we don't want to change the URL).



We welcome comments and questions about the books of John Bellairs as well as about our site.


Dial Books for Young Readers published the books of John Bellairs and the continued stories by Brad Strickland. 
Attn: Editor of the John Bellairs Books
345 Hudson Street
New York, New York 10017 USA


Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. is the literary agent of both John Bellairs and Brad Strickland. Inquiries pertaining to book and film rights should be directed to:
171 East 74th Street, Floor 2
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Presented 2001-16. All Rights Reserved.  All characters, stories, and portions of text contained within are copyright © the Estate of John Bellairs.

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