Saturday, September 30, 2006

Time Capsule: 1956

September, 30 1956: Back to college we go as television and music star Eddie Fisher drops in on the student body at Notre Dame, broadcasting his NBC program, Coke Time, live from the pep rally at the old field house. Along hand in the production were the Notre Dame Band and Glee Club. After the program, Fisher and wife Debbie Reynolds mingles with students; both were in attendance at the football game against Indiana the next day. We've learned John - starting his Sophomore year - was not the BMOC at this point so we find it doubtful he was in attendance at the pep rally.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2006 Living History Portrayal Walk

Oakridge Cemetery, one of the oldest continuously operated cemeteries in Michigan, is home again this year to the annual Living History Portrayal Walk. This guided walking tour will feature actors portraying seven significant persons from Marshall's past at each of those individual's gravesites. The event will take place rain or shine so participants are encouraged to bring flashlights, wear comfortable walking shoes, and carry an umbrella.

When: October 14, 2005
Time: 7:00 pm

For more information, please contact the Marshall Chamber of Commerce.

There was evidently a mix-up last year, as Walter tells us he misinterpreted his itinerary and ended up a few miles northeast of Marshall and trying to find something called "The Big O." When that didn't pan out, he claims to have hitched a ride on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad but he isn't sure where he ended up. Anyway, we hope Walter manages to show up for an appearance this year.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Moments of Clarity, Ambiguity

Maybe it's the fact we've been doing this for years and all our digging in the trenches is taking its toll. Maybe it’s the expectation of trying to top ourselves year after year. Do we subconsciously associate mundane items and events thrown at us by life, misconstrue them, and then try to find some veiled Bellairsian reference or influence? Maybe we need a rest.