Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wit! Whither Wander You?

Now you can set out on your own and see the world of John Bellairs without even leaving your house. Wanderlust is the beginning of a new map-plotting project that will identify the locations and inspirations found in the books by John Bellairs and those continued by Brad Strickland. Become an armchair cartographer as you visit distant points in England and Germany, as well as those sights from Bellairs’ backyard in Marshall and Massachusetts.

For those tech-savvy anti-Luddites, you can download the KML file (in the upper-right quadrant of the screen, above the map) to download our Wanderlust entries into Google Earth, allowing you to span the globe and find a constant variety of locations.

Incidentally, Wanderlust was a subsection planned for the long-rumored Academia segment of the old Compleat Bellairs site. We like to think that in the past ten years that the technology has improved to the point that instead of merely listing some of the popular destinations, we can now show you all of them.

More destinations will be added in the months ahead and we hope in time other fans can contribute to this ever-expanding project.  Stay tuned!

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