Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About Those "Notes" Found In The Desk Of A New York Advertising Executive...

Maybe it’s because we were immersed in trying to understand St. Fidgeta and Other Parodies a few years ago that we cracked a smile at the news that Pope Benedict XVI is making his first visit to the United States this week. This will be the ninth time a pope has visited the United States and Benedict XVI becomes only the third pope to do so, followed by John Paul II (seven visits) and Paul VI’s first, and historic, visit to New York City.

During Paul VI’s visit in October, 1965, he met with President Lyndon Johnson, served Mass at Yankee Stadium, and addressed the United Nations.

Bellairs composed a short piece for Saint Fidgeta following Paul VI’s visit to America in which some “notes” were found in the desk “of a New York advertising executive" speculating on some ways to improve and promote subsequent papal visits. You know, how to make them more commercial and so on. Some of the “ideas” suggest that Jesuits lend their Aston-Martin to the pontiff or signs be installed in Times Square that read:
  • “Jacques Maritain says 'Try Pepsi-Cola, the drink that is.'”
  • "Paul Claudel smoked Gauloises."
  • “Thomas Merton says 'Buy Monks' Bread.'"
On second thought we doubt these notes are revisited at all.  So it goes.

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