Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Mouth Strikes Again

Some Bellairsian inspired ephemera found around web:

Big Mouth Strikes Again

I’m reminded of nothing so much as the distorted, creepily out-of-proportion mouths so popular in modern horror movies. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of horror movies recently where significant scare or at least startle value arises from the way someone’s mouth just…keeps...opening.
Years later, a passage from The Face in the Frost reminds a reader about wider-than-usual mouths.  Take heed, sir: Kuchisake Onna pops up The Tower at the End of the World.

The Dreaded Veganomicon

We got a good chuckle at first-glance of the title: the Veganomicon. It’s the so-billed “ultimate vegan cookbook” and one of the oddest tributes to Lovecraft we’ve seen. Eat ‘em up!

To Dash it Like a Christmas Comedy

Some belated-holiday reading:

The Village of Gorey

More about the village of Gorey at Goreyana:
I do not know Edward Gorey's ancestry, but it is possible that he inherited his surname from this village. It is intriguing to think that Mr. Gorey is named after a castled village that resides on an Isle that is not completely independent but is not really French or English. As fans of Mr. Gorey know, he was born is Chicago, Illinois, is often thought to be English, and he majored in French in college. Even the castle resembles the castle in the illustration for the back cover of The Secret of the Underground Room by John Bellairs.

A Day In January Never Tasted So Sweet

We were alerted to the fact that January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day. Unsurprisingly this bit of information did not come with any free samples of celebratory...well, cake...that one would expect for such festivities, leaving us to circle this date with a crimson red marker and wait until next year (if only for the free samples). There will be free samples, right? Anyway we couldn’t think of anyone better prepared to celebrate than Professor Childermass, who we feel would probably whip up one of his infamous Sacher tortes, Black Forest, or German chocolate cakes. Strike that: he’d probably bake something regardless of the day – holiday or not. Anyway, what’s for desert?

A Talented but Unjustly Obscure Author

Bellairs is mentioned in this roll call of authors.

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