Friday, January 25, 2013

Poll: Your Favorite Edward Gorey Artwork in "House"

Edward Gorey created 12 full page illustrations for The House with a Clock in its Walls and, in celebration of its 40th anniversary, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Is it Lewis standing at the coat rack looking at a mysterious Mexican pyramid, Jonathan eclipsing the moon in his backyard, or Lewis, his uncle, Jonathan, and Mrs. Zimmermann out for a late night ride on the back roads of rural Michigan. Or something else?

Pick your favorite from our list below and see how it ranks with other fans.

Your Favorite Edward Gorey Artwork in The House with a Clock in its Walls
Barnavelt's Folly. [Frontispiece]
She was standing with her ear to the wall, listening. [11]
It looked as if you could reach through the mirror and touch the vines. [26]
Then, slowly, a black, tarry, drippy shadow oozed down over the face of the surprised moon. [57]
He put his eye to the telescope and looked. [74]
They hovered and danced before the doors of the tomb, which now stood ajar. [88]
The car raced on. [98]
Someone stepped out onto the front stoop. [112]
Now he could feel the moth in his hair. [129]
Stop right there, Mrs. Izard. You're not dealing with children now. [153]
Something vague and gray was moving at the far end of the tunnel. [169]
Lewis watched each sheet as the fire licked at its corners, then blackened it, then wadded into a fluffy ball of ashes. [175]
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