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About Bellairsia

Bellairsia (www.bellairsia.com) is an independent online website celebrating the life, work, and legacy of author John Bellairs.

What We Do

We promote John Bellairs's life and work, encourage the enjoyment of his novels as well as those completed and continued by Brad Strickland, and provide information to readers, scholars, and fans. Bellairsia also features biographical information on the self-proclaimed "famous author" and information about collecting the books of the Bellairs Corpus, inspirations from Marshall, Michigan, and why this "famous author" was quoting Chaucer on national television -- in accurate Middle English. You can, too, if you try.

We first went online on Feb. 20, 2001, as The Dullard's Bane and with an ambitious aim to be the “scourge of idleness and sloth” with armchair scholars investigating and sharing the stories behind the historical and literary allusions. By June, we were investigating Bellairs himself. It had been a decade since his death, and we felt someone needed to begin interviewing people who knew him before they, too, were gone. We felt since no one else had begun such a project we were as good as anyone to become biographers. Armchair biographers, of course. Bellairsia has a lot of armchairs. By the end of the year, we decided to blend the various projects together under a new name. This proposed name was meant to be temporary because we were sure something better-sounding would come along. All these years later, we're still calling ourselves Bellairsia. We think it fits -- plus, we don't want to change the URL. And here we are. Thank you for visiting - and happy reading.



We welcome comments and questions about the books and the site.

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Dial Books for Young Readers published the books of John Bellairs and the continued stories by Brad Strickland.

Attn: Editor of the John Bellairs Books
345 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10017 USA


Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. is the literary agent of both John Bellairs and Brad Strickland. Direct inquiries pertaining to book and film rights to:

171 East 74th Street, Floor 2
New York, NY, 10021 USA


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