Monday, May 29, 2006

Time Capsule: 1453

May 29, 1453 - Bust out your copy of The Trolley to Yesterday and read along as the Byzantines and their city of Constantinople fall to the Ottoman Turks - 553 years ago today!

Join Constantine XI, as he defends the Roman Empire; Mehmet II, as he lays siege to the city with his army of 100,000 troops; and Brewster, a floating falcon statue who still thinks Justinian threw some incredible parties. Read firsthand about the Hodegetria, the Guardian of the Sunken Palace and be on the lookout for the mysterious vanishing priests....

Constantinople remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire until the empire's dissolution in 1922; the city was officially renamed Istanbul by the Turkish Republic in 1930.

Why they changed it I can't say - people just liked it better that way.

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