Monday, December 11, 2006

A Legacy in Multimedia

Wayne Bose writes asking what could be done to further the legacy of John Bellairs:

I think that movies, television series, music, and especially video games would be an excellent place to further the Bellairs legacy. Imagine a Bellairs tale like The Lamp From The Warlock's Tomb put into video game form on the new Playstation 3 with it's 400bit processor and Blu-Ray technology which will allow for extremely realistic graphics. Imagine playing a game like that from a Bellairs tale, Resident Evil 4 crossed over with John Bellairs. How awesome would that be?

Also I'm doing a play in my university; my group agreed to do a short play on John Bellairs's The Lamp From The Warlock's Tomb. I'll tell you everything about this play once my professor finalizes the script I wrote (don't worry it's set in the 1950's).

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