Saturday, March 2, 2002

Review: Beast "Imitates Bellairs's Style Well"

Book review: The Beast under the Wizard's Bridge

In this fast-paced, mystery-adventure, Lewis and his best friend, Rose Rita Pottinger, investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the Wilder Creek Bridge. Lewis's fear that something terrible will happen when the bridge is torn down is justified. Lewis and Rose Rita discover a horrible monster that sucks the life out of every living thing it meets. They also uncover a plot by a long-dead magician and his still-living lawyer to wipe out all of humankind. The bridge was made of metal that kept the monster captive. When the bridge is torn down, the evil is let loose. With the help of Lewis's Uncle Jonathan, Mrs. Zimmerman, and the Capharnaum County Magician's Society, they avert disaster and save the world. In this new story based on the characters of the late John Bellairs, Strickland imitates Bellairs's style well. His characters ring true in this entertaining page-turner that will captivate readers whether or not they are already familiar with Lewis and his friends. The elements of evil magicians, unspeakable monsters, a plot to destroy the world, and good magic that saves the day provide a combination that will appeal to young people.

Deborah L. Dubois
VOYA Reviews
April 2001

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