Monday, July 18, 2005

Cuts Like a Knife

The BBC recently noted a long, lost treasure from the ancient city of Pompeii
A set of ancient silverware has been dug up from Pompeii, the Roman city destroyed by a volcano 2,000 years ago. The hand-crafted goblets, plates and trays had been bundled into a wicker basket by an inhabitant fleeing the erupting Mount Vesuvius in AD 79.

The tableware, well preserved in ash and mud, was discovered five years ago and archaeologists have used the latest techniques to separate 20 pieces. Experts say it is the most important find of this kind for 70 years.
Essentially the Romans standin' on their front porches thought they’d last forever but when the skies went dark, they knew it was now or never and they were in for the last days of their lives, back in the Summer of 79.   You know, when Mount Vesuvius erupted. 

We bring this up because nothing was said about Floradora, an Italian girl long thought to have perished in the aftermath. We doubt any proof of her is found but we thought it a nice way to connect something in the news with John’s novels.

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