Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Key of Aramath

The Key of Aramath
We recently received an email from a budding author who goes by the handle A.A. Riley who - besides being a big fan of John Bellairs and Brad Strickland - has attempted her own children's book, The Key of Aramath. The synopsis below is part of her press release:

Junior High is a total nightmare, and Annie Marshall wants out! In fact, she thinks life couldn't get any worse until she receives a most unusual present. Annie soon becomes haunted by weird beings attempting to take it from her. Her whole world turns completely upside down. Then the stranger who gave her the gift demands its return. With the help of her closest friends, Annie discovers a new realm of magic and adventure. The end is near, and time is running out! Will she discover The Key of Aramath's secret before it's too late?

A.A. Riley announces the release of The Key of Aramath, the first in a series of delightful tales for "tweens". After obtaining biochemistry and forensic anthropology degrees, A.A. Riley delved into the fascinating world of fantasy writing for children. Besides writing the author enjoys reading, foreign languages, music, sports, animals, travel, and food. Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure in the series.
Riley tells us that "John Bellairs was absolutely hands-down, my favorite author as a kid. I must admit I still enjoy his books and those of Mr. Strickland!" She also says she's writing Dial to vote for Strickland to write more stories: "How could the next generation of lonely, misunderstood, misfit kids survive growing up without them?"

Best we can tell iUniverse specializes in self-publishing that offers print-on-demand titles. From their site you can read the first few pages of The Key of Aramath where, on page four, we found that "...Miss Dean took a left on North Bellairs Drive."  Ah.  This is called allusion.  We also believe this is the first mention of the word "tweens" on the blog.  Happy reading.

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