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The Chessmen of Doom

The Chessmen of Doom
(1989) is the seventh book in the Johnny Dixon series.


Upon Peregrine's death, his brother Professor Roderick Childermass receives this very strange riddle along with the terms of Peregrine's will: The professor must spend the summer on Peregrine's estate or forfeit his huge inheritance, And Peregrine, who dabbled in sorcery, left no doubt that danger lay ahead. But the professor and his young friends Johnny and Fergie, ignoring the risk, journey to the desolate mansion. There they battle a madman who is determined to let nothing -- and no one -- stop him from destroying the world.



  • Johnny Dixon
  • Byron "Fergie" Ferguson
  • Roderick Childermass
  • Charles Coote
  • Anna Louisa Thripp


  • Edmund Stallybrass


  • Mid-1950s
  • Duston Heights, Massachusetts
  • Stone Arabia, Maine