Sunday, April 8, 2001

Would That It Were Mine...

Publishers Weekly had a feature recently (Feb. 12) asking children's editors which books they wish they had published. Paula Wiseman, the editorial director of Silver Whistle Books, had some kind words on the books of John Bellairs:

The Blue Figurine books by John Bellairs are wonderful, and I only wish I could find the next John Bellairs one day soon. They stand the test of time, are fun to read, honest, emotionally involving and shivery enough to appeal to the 10-year-old in all of us. My mother, now 75, who's particular about what she reads, got hooked 15 years ago or so when, while visiting my parents, I happened to be reading the galleys (Toby Sherry, John’s editor, had asked me to read them when we worked together at Dial). My mother still asks me to get her the new books. My daughter, who's 10 and is also very particular about what she reads, loves the books in just the same way. And who can resist the Edward Gorey covers and frontispieces?

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