Monday, July 16, 2001

All Eyes on Gorey's Prize

Edward Gorey
Edward Gorey's original art for The Eyes of the Killer Robot is available in an online sale from Bromer Booksellers. The original watercolor, tastefully matted, glazed, framed and signed by Gorey is sold with an extremely fine copy of the published work.

Only $7500.00.

Original Dustwrapper Art for The Eyes of the Killer Robot, by John Bellairs. (c. 1985). Watercolor on illustration board. Image size: 13 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches (241 x 343 mm). Tastefully matted, glazed and framed. Signed by Gorey in the lower right corner. Right panel (the front cover panel of the published work) depicts the discovery of a robot pitcher, disassembled, but still in uniform. The left panel takes up the present action of the story, showing the robot's insane creator, Evaristus Sloane, attempting to snatch the eyes of protagonist Johnny Dixon, in order to animate his latest robot. Includes lettering overlays, also designed by Gorey, which show publisher's inked placement instructions. "Gorey's color work forms the jeweled crown of any collection of his original art." (Toldeano, p. 164). (Together with) an extremely fine copy of the published work, in dustrapper. $7500.00

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