Tuesday, May 31, 2005

La Pendola Magica - e altro ancora!

Longtime Bellairs fan Lorenza Boisi recently wrote to us from Italy and helped fill in some of the gaps of the Italian editions of House and provided some thoughts on the books:
"I received from my mother the Bellairs's book The House with a Clock in its Walls, La Pendola Magica, when I was  6. I have to say this book has made me the person I am, at least as far as my literature preference goes. The book has helped me to feel special just like Lewis. I know it sounds like a Dickens feature or some Tim Burton shortcut, but It is real!!  I think you should try to find out something about an Italian writer: Tommaso Landolfi, an amazing writer whose work has been illustrated by Gorey in the seventies.
"To my utmost regret I have to admit that in my country Bellairs's books are not being published. I repeatedly go hunting for more editions but there is no sign whatsoever of further publications (and yes only that one book was offered to the Italian public).

"I have considered offering myself freely to translate more Bellairs books if ever any editors might be interested in publishing them. I lived in Scotland for a few years, have experience in writing and graduated in English literature before going to art college, thus I do have the professional ability to absorb such adventures and being a lifetime fan, I'm fully plunged in the Bellairs universe and sensibility."

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