Saturday, October 1, 2005

Treasure Castaways

The Clue According to Sherlock Holmes
Is there such a thing as an Art Kassul Fan Club?

Actors Kassul, Hale Porter, and Frank Dent are listed in the credits of the 1980 television version of The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn, re-titled The Clue According to Sherlock Holmes.  However the credits do not identify the roles each played and information is hard to come by in terms of what these three people looked like. Complicating matters is that we have three unidentified characters:
  • The so-called Library Patron
  • The unnamed doctor
  • The unnamed mayor
Anybody else want to make a guess as to who is who?

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Arthur Tourot said...

Hi, I've recently posted The Treasure Of Alpheus T. Winterborn on YouTube. I did ALOT of searching to try to find out who these actors are. Well, the only one I was able to figure out is Frank Dent. He plays the strange guy in the Library and who we later find out is a firefighter. He was in an episode of Family Ties and I recognized him from his voice and his thick curly hair.