Saturday, July 15, 2006

Build His Statue to Make him Glorious

Perry Childermass
The city of Marshall is thinking about decorating their already historical community with public art: sculptures, statuary and the like.  Vee Kalnins, an artist at the Blue Hour Gallery in Marshall, was quoted in the Battle Creek Enquirer as saying that, if approved by the Marshall City Council, art would be placed throughout the city encouraging local artists to display their work in a public venue.

"There are spots around the county building, Monarch Bank, the Honolulu House, the Peace Park. I can't tell you where the sculptures are going to go, but we've got some ideas."

This got us thinking: if someone were to create a statue, or series of statues, commemorating the work of John Bellairs, what would they be? Perhaps a statue of Lewis staring across the street at the Cronin House? A young Johnny Dixon with a blue figurine in his hand seen sprinting away from Saint Mary's Catholic Church? How about Anthony Monday or Miss Eells outside the library? Or Prospero standing in a field...for no readily apparent reason?

An interesting statue would be of a short, hunched figure in a monk's robe, with something like an octopus's tentacle dangling outside the robe. Fergie saw a statue like this on the Windrow estate in New York and...

...maybe that wouldn't be the best thing for Marshall.

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