Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something About a Bellairsian Musical

Cardiff Giant
We found a rather odd story earlier this week from our friends at the Online Museum of Hoaxes: a musical about the Cardiff Giant. If you're not familiar with the stone colossus we invite you to read a bit about it...and the replica...and the fact a group of people in Iowa came together to sing about it.
It's an unlikely recipe for a musical: an odd 19th-century hoax set to the music of Iowa composer Karl King. But a group of creative minds in Fort Dodge, led by Deann Haden-Luke, managed to pull it together with a financial boost from the Iowa Arts Council. "Cardiff," presented by Comedia Musica Players, premieres tonight in Fort Dodge and plays through Sunday.
I guess some residents of Oregon and Missouri did something like this before. It made us wonder if any of John's book could transfer into a musical? We kinda think "Fidgeta!" would be an interesting Catholic-spoof about the saint and those devotees.  Maybe something with Prospero instead?  The Childermass Revue?

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