Sunday, September 16, 2007

Seeing Double: The Eyes of the Killer Robot

Eyes of the Killer Robot
We knew the ayes had it but this has us seeing double:
  • Best we can tell the name of the band is The Eyes of the Killer Robot (or so suggests the title at YouTube).
  • N.J. Kailhofer also has written a short piece entitled The Eyes of the Killer Robot.

Stranger things are out there, I’m sure, but that’s why we have insurance from Old Glory.



Anonymous said...

the band is called Eyes Of The Killer Robot. No the. A blue figurine writes their lyrics.

Anonymous said...

What a funny little world we live on.

John Bellairs has been one of my two favorite authors since I read House at a young age (the other favorite being Heinlein).

Sadly, I did not know there were more books until I was well into adulthood, and was trying to get my own son to read House (which he eventually had to admit that he really liked). I have been trying to catch up ever since.

After I saw your post, I obtained a copy of Eyes & look forward to reading it!

Thanks for the mention, and the link.

N.J. Kailhofer

Anonymous said...

And the band is named after the John Bellairs book. If you ever get the chance to see them play live, do it!