Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bellairs Cam: Your Eyes On Thy Picture

Is there something strange in your neighborhood, a mysterious house or odd sculpture that either resembles or reminds you of something from John or Brad’s books? Then get your camera ready!

A number of years ago the Compleat Bellairs began a feature where fans could contribute photographs of buildings and locations that were as scary as the Izard Mausoleum or the Weatherend estate or as mundane as a purple house or an abandoned trolley car.

Within our new forum this feature can live again (speaking of the Izard Mausoleum...). How easy is it? Grab a camera, take a photograph or two, and then add it to the Bellairs Cam photo album.

Be sure to let us know:
  • The Scene: how it corresponds to the book(s).
  • The Location: the skinny on where the picture was taken.
  • The Credit: who took the picture (and we hope you).
  • Comments: why or how you found the location, your first impressions – whatever!

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