Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stamping Lovecraft Birthday Wishes

Mark Koltko-Rivera notes the United States Postal Service has a program, the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC), taking suggestions from the public regarding new postage stamps. And he has a rather eldritch idea:
I invite all H.P. Lovecraft fans to write a letter to the CSAC, suggesting that the U.S. Postal Service issue a postage stamp featuring H. P. Lovecraft, on the 125th anniversary of his birth, which occurs on August 20, 2015.  Or, if your circumstances permit, you could send a more elaborate letter. I strongly suggest that you...mention...they issue a stamp honoring H. P. Lovecraft, an American writer born August 20, 1890 and died March 15, 1937, in time for the 125th anniversary of his birth on August 20, 2015.
Something to discuss in the squalid and depraved Vacation Necronomicon School, I suppose.

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