Monday, April 25, 2011

Something About Michael and Marc Leighton

Director Michael Shane Leighton and writer Marc Leighton are the brothers responsible for the terrifying found footage horror film Pursuit of a Legend. Gorepress’s Scullion was hugely impressed by their feature debut and wanted to discuss where their ideas came from and how they created such a believable “found footage” film.

GP: Have you both always been fans of the horror genre?

Michael: Ha Ha… I suppose we could thank our father Michael W. Leighton for that one. I think we were what… 6 and 7 when he took us to see Friday the 13th in the theater. But for me, I would call myself a movie fan in general. If it has a good story and shot well then I would enjoy it.

Marc: My love of horror was kicked started when I saw Friday the 13th, and I also loved books by John Bellairs. They weren’t necessarily horror, but for a kid they were scary. I quickly moved on to Stephen King and Dean Koontz. From there, yes, I was definitely a horror fan.

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