Sunday, August 5, 2012

Alert: New Titles from SF Gateway

We suppose we knew this was eventually going to happen, and it appears it did while we away last month. British publisher SF Gateway released the final four books in the Johnny Dixon series for those readers who a) live outside the United States and Canada and b) prefer electronic books. Much like American publisher eReads released the four Strickland-involved Dixon books earlier this year, SF Gateway has done the same – keeping with their traditional yellow covers, of course.  The first eight books were released by SF Gateway late last year.

Interestingly SF Gateway has added the following note to all four books:
"Authorised by the estate of the Gothic master John Bellairs."
And each says it was written by Brad Strickland (verses just being “completed”).  The publisher also released an electronic version of The Face in the Frost, featuring this oft-seen gem-of-a-quote from author Ursula K. LeGuin:
"Authentic fantasy by a writer who knows what wizardry is all about."
With these five titles it now appears that both North American and European markets each have the 13 Bellairs/Strickland titles available for readers.

One more bonus: two Brad Strickland titles were also re-released: ShadowShow (1988) and Moon Dreams (1988) – the first book in the Jeremy Moon trilogy. Both are available (and have been for several years) to American audiences through eReads.

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