Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Think You of These Page, My Lord?

AdWeek's GalleryCat blog posted a chart mapping page lengths in fantasy series not too long ago:
The chart illustrates the reader’s unofficial maxim: “the books of a fantasy series tend to get fatter.” They also noted: “I actually made this a few years ago, which is why there are a few books missing. Found it crawling through old files on my computer! Unfortunately I don’t have the source, and can’t be bothered to update it.”
We reflected briefly on the word count analysis that a fan presented us a few years ago, and thought we'd do our own page count comparison of the Bellairs series.  Here goes.

Barnavelt series: House starts things off with 179 pages, Figure drops to 155, and Letter blasts to 188, the overall maximum for the eventual 12-book series.  Bellairs and Strickland keep close to the 150-page range, give or take a few.  Strickland's Tower has the fewest pages at 146, with his House (where nobody lived) just a few pages shy of Bellairs's House (the one with a clock).

Monday series: obviously we wish there were more books to plot but yadda yaddaTreasure has 10 more pages than Mansion, Dark has two more pages than Treasure which makes it [Dark] the longest, and that leaves Lamp's 168 pages as fourth in the list.

Dixon series: Here we find the maximum and minimum as far lengths.  No book of Bellairs or Strickland has more pages than Curse clocking in at an even 200, and Secret is the all-time shortest at 127 (and we're not counting Pedant in this exercise).

Maybe we'll make a fuller version of this at some point down the road.

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