Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let Thee Play The Scribe

Mark Dery is looking for help transcribing interviews with Edward Gorey for the biography he is working on about Gorey.  The stint is unpaid, but could be a good opportunity for one of you out there:
If you execute your duties diligently and thoughtfully, you’ll receive a heartfelt acknowledgment in my book.

Better yet, for each tape transcribed, I’ll read one short (10 pages or fewer) article, essay, or creative work by you and offer, by phone or Facetime, a half hour’s worth of stylistic, mechanical (i.e., grammar, overall structure), and philosophical feedback to your writing and thinking, gloves off, no holds barred. We’re talking tough-love mentorship here, more attentive and pointed than you’ll ever get from your harried professors, writers’ group amateurs, or beleaguered spouses.

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