Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anna Holmes: In the Mind of a 10-Year-Old

We’ve received more than a few alerts to the December 8 edition of the New York Times Sunday Review and the brief interview with Anna Holmes, the founder and editor of the online magazine/blog, Jezebel – known for, the NYT says, its smart and snarky feminist content. Holmes goes through some of her interests in the form of what she’s following, listening [to], and wearing – and for reading she heaps plenty of praise on John’s work:

I read a lot of classic children’s books. There was an author named John Bellairs who did a series of Gothic novels that had to do with magic and warlocks and crazy, scary supernatural stuff. They usually had boys as protagonists. The most famous one was The House With a Clock in Its Walls.  I love rereading them because they still scare me and still freak me out. The earlier editions of the book were illustrated by Edward Gorey, and he not only did the cover but the interior illustrations as well, and they are absolutely terrifying. It’s almost like I get back into the mind of a 10-year-old.

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