Friday, April 25, 2014

Edward Gorey Documentary Project

Filmmaker Christopher Seufert is raising funds for The Edward Gorey Documentary Project at KickStarter, a feature length documentary about the late illustrator and shot with his encouragement from 1996 to his death in April, 2000.

Seufert received unprecedented access to the Gorey, who has been called "one of America's foremost eccentric geniuses," shooting with Gorey and capturing his life and daily routines. The documentary has received a letter of support from WGBH for a PBS broadcast and is currently being edited for submission to the Sundance Film Festival in September, 2014.

Seufert says:
In the spring and summer of 2014 we have set up a series of rough cut screening events, along with Edward's cousin Ken Morton, who will be sharing his stories of what it was like having this amazing man in his family. We'll be showing the progress we're making in the edit suite and also testing those cuts on a live audience and receiving feedback as part of a Q&A. At each event we're featuring new guests to share their Gorey stories, such as Gorey's puppeteers Le Theatricule Stoic, filmmaker Jon Shea, and musician Siobhan Magnus. Want to bring the rough cut to your hometown? We'd love to. The documentary remains eligible for Sundance if we show it as a rough cut or fundraiser and what we show is substantially different to the final film. Lots of fun extra footage here that will not make it into the final cut.

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Christopher Seufert said...

Thanks so much John!

You can pre-purchase the Edward Gorey documentary media bundle and help this important documentary get made at Kickstarter here! Also, you can get immediate gratification with our VIP program where you can see unreleased video clips that will never make it into the final documentary.