Friday, October 31, 2014

And Ghosts Did Shriek and Squeal About The Streets

Some numbers this Halloween season --

13 Facts About Artist Edward Gorey writes that the Edward Gorey House shared with them some intriguing facts about the artist just in time for Halloween, including this tidbit:
#12. He created more than 20 covers for the young adult mysteries of John Bellairs, more covers than he created for any other author.

21 Ways We Used to Scare Ourselves Silly During Halloween Season in the ‘90s

From Bustle:
19. Stealing your older sibling’s John Bellairs books, even though they told you they’d terrify you. I made the mistake of nabbing The Eyes of the Killer Robot out of my brother’s bookshelf when I was maybe seven years old. It became one of my favorite books a few years later — but good gravy, did it freak me out at the time. Anyone else? Bonus points if your editions were the ones illustrated by Edward Gorey.

8 Best Halloween Books From Childhood That Will Still Scare You Silly

From Bustle, again:
John Bellairs was the absolute king of creepy mysteries when we were kids. And his Halloween story The House With a Clock in Its Walls was one of his best. Not to mention the illustrations, which were done by Gothic legend Edward Gorey.

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