Friday, January 1, 2016

Sweet Fidgeta, Deliver Us!

We’re celebrating fifty years since the publication of Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies and a half-century of John Bellairs as the famous author.

For the uninitiated, Saint Fidgeta was Bellairs's first book that was, in his own words, "written mainly for Catholics with material drawn from my Irish-Catholic childhood. The pieces are satiric and meant to attack abuses within the church. They are also supposed to be funny."

The original story was published in the Critic, a Catholic publication, in  the summer of 1965. The following year the titular story was published in book-form, along with eleven other satirical observations of phony pietistic practices, hysterical history, bizarre bishops, and confused cathedrals.

Throughout 2016 we're going to examine the book chapter-by-chapter and highlight some of what Bellairs was spoofing. Of course it wouldn't be any fun going in numerical order (let us not be silly) so join us throughout the year as we bounce around the book.

So what's your favorite chapter? Make a vote and see where you fall in along the other faithful Fidgettines!

What is your favorite chapter in Saint Fidgeta and Other Parodies?

The True History of St. Fidgeta, Virgin and Martyr
Prolegomenon to any future visit of a Pope to America
The Cathedral of Saint Gorboduc
The Question Box
A Short Guide to Catholic Church History
A Fable of Goar
Easter Address to the Faculty by the President of a Catholic Women's College
The Story of Floradora
Letter from Vatican City (by Nepomuk Prynne)
A Chaplet of Devotions, Causes, and Societies to Which the Catholic May Safely Adhere
Mother Ximenes’ Handbook for Grade School Nuns
The Moist Heart: A Compendium of Private or Public Worship
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